Ninja Pi Ro

Free game - Ninja Pi Ro
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Play super adventure in which you will perform challenging missions with the hero ninja. That is not the only one. One person hides but him still a pirate and a robot. Everyone has different qualities and skills to be the right time to use it. Switch between characters, you can click on the circle…

Bowja 3Score game

Free game - Bowja 3
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This game is logical but even so, nothing happens if nothing to lose. Because you'll always have more opportunities to have finished the game. So do not worry that you could destroy a mistake. In this game you are a ninja who saves the spirit of ninja. The game is graphically very well done and…

Ninja Jump

Free game - Ninja Jump
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Run the super ninja on the wall of the building as fast as you can. Avoid jumping but on the opposite wall you projecting roofs and naturally hostile ninjům. Conversely if you manage to bring down rampant three birds move up a lot. How high are you?

Ninjas vs PiratesScore game

Free game - Ninjas vs Pirates
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Ninjas vs. Pirates is a tower defense game, in which you lead a team of ninja to try to stop the pirates, who attack you. Each ninja has other skills and strength, but is also different amounts of money.

Ninja Plus 2

Free game - Ninja Plus 2
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In this fantastic game you play on niju. You will be able to use many features such as throwing arrows, climbing rope, etc. The controls are complicated, but you can get used to it. You have to fight with various monsters and creatures. The main task in this game is to collect all the coins you…

PR Fight training

Free game - PR Fight training
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Fight like good Power Rangers. Early on, you have to beat some Ninja. When you do so will come at the end boss. The controls are a bit jagged but it can be used to it.

Ninja Stealth

Free game - Ninja Stealth
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In this game you have a very simple task, take all the money and kill all enemies. The game is very good in fact that if you squeeze repeatedly jumping to jump really high. It is also be possible to pop up the wall. Well just Ninja. The best way is to try things out in advance so that you became…

Ninja Painter

Free game - Ninja Painter
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The fact that China can do things quickly and make sure we all know. Now you can play a similar game and try out what it is to become a ninja Chinese painter. Your main task is to paint the most colorful boxes. Fields, each have its color to green so green and so on. Also, you can have a bonus in a…

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