Amateur Surgeon

Free game - Amateur Surgeon
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In this game you can finally experience what it is to be a surgeon. But you will not have it so easy. Your career is starting as a pizza delivery boy, so depending on your equipment will look at operations. You will have very little time and very busy so it is a classic routine surgeons. So what do…

Arm Surgery 2

Free game - Arm Surgery 2
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In this game you play a doctor. Just you and lead you to shift the patient's surgery. Which broke my arm. Your task will be to hand to operate, so that the patient survived. Be careful because you must choose the correct procedure. If you happen to know so you will discover all the time help.

Dark Cut 3

Free game - Dark Cut 3
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War broke out, and you as the only doctor in army, you have to take care of all the wounded. With makeshift equipment you need to treat each injured and save it so life. Time is but a few, and you also operate from the ground, so try to be as fast as possible.

Dark Cut

Free game - Dark Cut
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They played you like the doctor? Now you have the opportunity again. And in a rather medieval administration. You do not really have a specific method, such as your patients to remove an arrow from his feet. The only condition is that the patient survived and not died. This game reminds half…

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