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Kawai RunScore game

Free game - Kawai Run
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One of the other great jumping games called Kawai Run.In this jumping game you have to jump over bridges, holes, graves, trees and jumping over curry favor branches. At the beginning of this whole game you can improve your doll and with different colors and patterns. But any improvements will not…

Horse Race

Free game - Horse Race
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This very funny horse riding simulator will appeal to everyone. Very good graphics adds flair to this vital game. The game takes place on a race track where you have to skip a lot of obstacles. To know that you skip the first obstacle and where to go jump on, so it will direct you to the orange…

Horse Athletics

Free game - Horse Athletics
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In this game you can have your own horse and race him in the Olympics. You choose from all disciplines - normal run, jump, jump across the water. Try to pop in the best time and beat your opponents.

Passage of Time

Free game - Passage of Time
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Passage of Time is an interesting platform game in which with the hero will spend virtually all his life. You begin as a small child, and if you succeed in get to the end, you will become a centenarian old. In every phase of life you must collect various items that you add points in the form of…
Free game - Bart Simpson Skateboarding
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Another game with popular serial hero Bart Simpson is here, this time as a platform game. Pass under and skip obstacles on your skateboard and try to get away as quickly as possible.

The Jump Game

Free game - The Jump Game
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In this game you find yourself on the beach, where you get care of the beautiful horses. Your task is to jump over obstacles such as alluvial different barrels, branches, old furniture ... and bump into anything. For every obstacle to get points. How many can you upload to using all five lives?
Free game - Jumporama 2 Cross Country
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Hilarious game that is not just for girls. This game is mainly for observation, when you really need to sharpen vision. because if you jump too late or poorly and you fall from a horse. The challenge in this game is to get your horse the longest stretch of track. If you manage not to fall earn bonus…

Egypt Horse

Free game - Egypt Horse
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Finally, here is a great racing game that will certainly also like girls. Your task is to run there is a horse for my friend who is dying of thirst in the car and bring him water. Can you overcome all obstacles and save him?

Horsey Racing

Free game - Horsey Racing
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Do you love horses and would like to try racing? Now you play through this unique chance. Choose one of three horses in pastel colors and hit the race track. To you but you have to reinforce zvýtězili apples and collect bonuses to make you better overcome obstacles.

Pony Run

Free game - Pony Run
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There is another beautiful game with ponies. Choose one of three cute ponies and go with him to the race track. Obstacles are waiting for you to be in advancing levelech increase. You must always be on time skip. In addition to successful jumping is also about time. His champion drag the mouse to…

Peny Courageous Ride

Free game - Peny Courageous Ride
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In this graphic are printed very nice game, you control the little girl on his horse. Your task will be to jump over rocks and record the highest score. But beware, the barriers will become increasingly difficult for their combat and you have to have good speed and point of reflection. While every…

Pony Adventure

Free game - Pony Adventure
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Pony Adventure is a great game for little longer for game enthusiasts, and for horses, but gives them the opportunity to further develop, as it is again quite simple. At the beginning you get a pony and a girl that you can adapt them, dress them and arrange a house, you have to travel a long way and…

Whiskered Away

Free game - Whiskered Away
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Do you like the movie Shrek? Then you will certainly enjoy this game with really great graphics, where the main characters are two of Shrekových friends - Puss and Donkey. Your task is to help them successfully get over rocks. Puss Donkey carries on his back and he always has the right moment to…


Free game - Pokeride
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In this game you fly along with Ash the Pokemon Charizard from the series. Your task will be to help the two of them to collect all Pokeball, which are scattered along the way. But it will not so simple, you must avoid enemy Pokemons. If you bumped into them, or other obstacles, the game for you of…

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