Free game - Snoring
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Throw an elephant at this nice puzzle game that will certainly appeal to the smallest, who like to think. With the help of other animals, and their rolling, jumping and tumbling will be to achieve that elephant fell off a cliff. Can you make it more difficult in all the rounds?

Boom Hockey

Free game - Boom Hockey
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In this game you can also play hockey, but little else. The main task is obviously to get the puck into the gate. But the puck into the gate you will receive an unconventional way. You get to try the bomb. At the beginning of the game you will show crosses, not to let you know how to direct the…

Cover Orange

Free game - Cover Orange
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Cover Orange is a puzzle game in which you have to protect the small, smiling, orange balls against dangerous cloud, which deletes the dangerous sharp stars. To star killed by bullets, you have to build a protective barrier around the ball, or hide it well. If you survive all the balls, you get to…


Free game - Cuber
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In the game you play for a while on the builders. You will face gravity and other physical phenomena. Your task will be to build a building that the ball does not fall. The ball will fall from a great height and it must not fall apart or anything from your building. The game is very fun but a brain…

Zoo Escape

Free game - Zoo Escape
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In this game you try to save animals that are in the zoo. Těmhle little animals in the zoo but do not like them because the kids are screaming and cursing them. So little animals help in different tasks to be free. Every time you will have the task harder and harder and just about the time he can…

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Free game - Happy Wheels
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