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Base Jumping

Free game - Base Jumping
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Base Jumping is a game where you pit your forces with three other opponents in the parachute jump. Once the GO will show you, jump in and throw open the parachute at the right moment to be not killed and yet to be ranked best. The money you earn after each tournament, you can buy life, that you…

Motley Mutant WormScore game

Free game - Motley Mutant Worm
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Motley Mutant Worm is quite fast game to test your observation and reaction. You control the bead, which will lead to a leash using carrots (mice). Caterpillar carrots but not close enough to it to really bite. When it is your dream, the game ends. Likewise, when it bites itself, hit several times…

Transformers tunnel rush

Free game - Transformers tunnel rush
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In this unusual game, Transformers is your special robot combat aircraft. He rushes through the tunnel closed with a number of obstacles, but also the ranking of shooting targets. You as the pilots have to avoid all the obstacles, everything down and convenient to have the best time. This game will…


Free game - Letters
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Can you sleep well on your keyboard? And you have a good point? Then you have this game for the right one. Will you defend your city from a dangerous threat - the falling letters. That the letter was gone, you have to "write" on the keyboard. In the beginning it will be easy, but the pace will…

Digital Switch

Free game - Digital Switch
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Digital Switch is a game focused on the observation, orientation in space, memory and intelligence. Within apparently baby with cute graphics pieces, you can test your skills and also to entertain.

Whack a Troll

Free game - Whack a Troll
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In the Fighting game you peg to the heads of trolls, who will appear in the game field. Prove your speed to hit them in the limited time limit as much as possible.


Free game - Moontype
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This game is very unusual. Do you own a month and your task is to defend it. Of course, for you can attack all ships. And you must destroy these ships. Your guide will rocket straight to the names of ships. So, always write the name of the ship or rocket ship and this rocket is sent from you to…

PSN Protector

Free game - PSN Protector
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In this game you will be able to experience what it is to protect your computer from viruses. virus each day brings different fight against viruses. And now you can play the role of anti-virus too. You must dispose of viruses using electromagnetic walls. at the beginning, everything will seem easy…

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Free game - Happy Wheels
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