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Mahjong AlchemyRECOMMEND

Free game - Mahjong Alchemy
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Mahjong Alchemy is a game that belongs to the family mahjong and tormented by your brain. Search for a pair of interesting stones with the same symbols (which are even different bodob√© valuation) to as long as the playing field not gone. But beware, the stones must be easily accessible and can not…

Tiles Of The Simpsons

Free game - Tiles Of The Simpsons
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Perfect puzzle game with my family Simpson in the lead role. Your task will be to remove the box with pictures of family members (always at least two same side). But it's not that simple. Fields are in several layers and how to delete a fall down gradually, so you can get at the dead point and…


Free game - Steampunk
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At the beginning of the game you will have a doll. This doll still looks like a pentagon. But to get him safely to the ground so it becomes a doll. Get him to the ground, nothing simple. The game is a puzzle and some levels are really sweat. In addition, you will have even more red doll. This is…

Mahjong 247

Free game - Mahjong 247
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In this classic Mahjong game, although you have to remove the stones with the same images of their pairing, as always, but unlike the other versions have the option to choose their deployment.

Feed The MooksScore game

Free game - Feed The Mooks
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In this game you have to gradually remove all the cubes to the gray. No only a gray cube will not fall. If this happens starting from scratch. Dice remove any that you feed the right food. Everything will be explained at the beginning of the game. The game is logical and it is necessary to look at…

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Free game - Happy Wheels
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