Ninja Pi Ro

Free game - Ninja Pi Ro
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Play super adventure in which you will perform challenging missions with the hero ninja. That is not the only one. One person hides but him still a pirate and a robot. Everyone has different qualities and skills to be the right time to use it. Switch between characters, you can click on the circle…

Anbot 2

Free game - Anbot 2
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There's a second sequel Anbot super adventure where you help the little robot to get out of the hated factory. This time it will be even more challenging because they are pursuers at his heels. Can you always find time solving logical puns?

Truck LoaderScore game

Free game - Truck Loader
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In this very precious game you play for the loading robot. Which has the task as quickly as possible to convert the box to its destination. At work, you need a good look, because you never know how tricky it may be loading boxes into the car. The controls are very nice, although at first glance seem…

Truck Loader 2

Free game - Truck Loader 2
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A second sequel, which will surely you as successful as the first. In this game you play on the bill of the robot. Your task is to get some boxes into the vehicle as soon as possible in order to go and deliver them. But there are more tasks a and you will not always be so simple. This game is on…

AnbotScore game

Free game - Anbot
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Put yourself in cute Anbot who does not want to keep working in the factory. Help him to escape from the ugly factory. All task will be to liberate it in as few mouse clicks.

Big Evil Robots

Free game - Big Evil Robots
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In the game Big Evil Robots you decide to destroy creepy robot, which is out of control. The robot can be stopped only through the blue button that is located in his heart. You must hit this button using sling and several stone shots and get the robot off.

The Tickler

Free game - The Tickler
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The tickler is very special, a fighting game, you control your own robot. It is in your hands the task of destroy all surrounding enemy machines. Over time, your enemies will be stronger and your robot will not be at all easy to destroy them. Robot during the game you can improve and increase your…

Transformer 3

Free game - Transformer 3
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In this game you have to play as Optimus. Its mission is to destroy all the space ships. All controls are very simple. When you move the screen with arrows. And if you want to shoot so just to press the space bar.

Transformers atak

Free game - Transformers atak
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Transformers attack is a game to test your perception, speed and reflexes. Your task is to shoot what is most revealing is attacking, fighting robots and in a very short time. The more distant (and thus smaller) robot you can shoot, the more points you get for it.

Transformers Prestige

Free game - Transformers Prestige
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In the game Transformers Prestige is fighting robot in charge of your hands as the fastest route to conquer the obstacle and nazbírat at what the most valuable Bodíky. You control it easily while pan in all directions. The only drawback to this otherwise very fun game, is perhaps the imperfect…

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Free game - Happy Wheels
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