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Free game - Kawai Run
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One of the other great jumping games called Kawai Run.In this jumping game you have to jump over bridges, holes, graves, trees and jumping over curry favor branches. At the beginning of this whole game you can improve your doll and with different colors and patterns. But any improvements will not…

Passage of Time

Free game - Passage of Time
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Passage of Time is an interesting platform game in which with the hero will spend virtually all his life. You begin as a small child, and if you succeed in get to the end, you will become a centenarian old. In every phase of life you must collect various items that you add points in the form of…

Cops And Robbers

Free game - Cops And Robbers
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In this game you have a choice of three thieves. As soon as you choose for whom you play and will run a complete frenzy. You have robbed several stores and you go after all the police officers from the neighborhood. It is quite clear what you need to do, run what you can. Well, when it will be some…

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