Fish Tales Deluxe

Free game - Fish Tales Deluxe
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In this game you are a small fish in the sea. You to be strong you must eat other fish. If you are so clever when you go fish will also grow. The more that you will be able to eat more and more larger fish. But be careful that you yourself do not become food. Once fed into the rich, the game ends…

Dora Mermaid Adventure

Free game - Dora Mermaid Adventure
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Again, there is little popular Dora and her adventures. This time, with her head this way below sea level, where Dora turns into a sea Mr. and you need help need to collect valuable gems among the stars and coral reefs.

Youda Marina

Free game - Youda Marina
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Very hilarious game where you become the owner of a small resort. Your goal is to reach out to this resort as many people as possible. But what you have, so you have to build everything in this center possible. Mainly to have a port where tourists land. In addition, they will have to arrange some…

Udersea Underworld

Free game - Udersea Underworld
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Go into the depths and underwater as a diver collect valuable treasure chests. But you have to avoid all dangerous sea creatures that you can lose lives. How much treasure as you can get your way?

Bomb Fishing

Free game - Bomb Fishing
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In this game you can go fishing in a different way. You'll ride a boat and catching fish. Ted catch is a bad term because it will kill fish bombs. What you throw in front of your ship. Once a fish swim up so you have to collect it. But watch out whether a bomb destroy another ship. Because it…


Free game - iPirates
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Become a pirate for a while on the ship and sail the open sea. There will have four cannons, which might destroy all the enemy ships. Cannon balls as ammunition then you will need to buy the stolen money. Missiles that fly at you, while you are ubrátnit by clicking on them!

Fishdom Spooky Splash

Free game - Fishdom Spooky Splash
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This game is very simple and logical. It's basically connection game already know just a little differently. Before you appears a field in which certain symbols. These symbols need to sort so that they are next to each other at least three. Then disappear and points will be added. If you follow the…

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