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Truck LoaderScore game

Free game - Truck Loader
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In this very precious game you play for the loading robot. Which has the task as quickly as possible to convert the box to its destination. At work, you need a good look, because you never know how tricky it may be loading boxes into the car. The controls are very nice, although at first glance seem…

Truck Loader 2

Free game - Truck Loader 2
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A second sequel, which will surely you as successful as the first. In this game you play on the bill of the robot. Your task is to get some boxes into the vehicle as soon as possible in order to go and deliver them. But there are more tasks a and you will not always be so simple. This game is on…

Air TransporterScore game

Free game - Air Transporter
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This very simple game will certainly serve well as oddechovka. Control in this game is very simple, although it seems the exact opposite. The movement of helicopters can be controlled using the mouse. And the rest of the functions using the keyboard. Of course, this game will be counted as time that…

Rocket Man

Free game - Rocket Man
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Rocket Man is an interesting game arcade games in which you have the task of using missiles to destroy all enemies. The problem is that the missile is controlled using only the mouse and the way you stand several obstructions. In addition, the missile explodes itself every few seconds, so you must…


Free game - Gibbets
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Gibbets is truly original game in which you will practice your ability to accurately aim the mouse, but mainly a lot of fun. Your task is to save the figure with hanging on the gallows. So much so, that shoot arrows at their ropes and is trying to overshoot before launch condemned soul. But when you…

Paddle Ball

Free game - Paddle Ball
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Paddle Ball is basically a virtual ping pong where you have to keep his bat on the ball as long as possible, and what nejvíckrát pinknout with him. Bat control simply via mouse, but the game itself is not so simple because the ball can bounce treacherously, or run away.
Free game - Pokémon Towering Legend's
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This game is inspired by the famous Pokemon series, but in practice it is not too much. The player is what is most effective unification of stones in the game field. It is therefore a game focused more on brain than on combat arms or Pokemon, as one might expect.

Sonar Challenge

Free game - Sonar Challenge
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In this game with excellent graphics, you are responsible for nothing more than keep the mouse in the air through football. But it's not an easy task as it may seem at first sight ...

TiltScore game

Free game - Tilt
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Very hilarious oddechovka that you definitely need to play. Your goal in this game is to get the ball to the designated blue spot. Move the ball by tilting board, but be careful with each level will play even harder balls will increase.
Free game - Super Mario Strikers - Heady UP
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Become known for a while and all the popular Super Mario and he will play with the ball hlavičkovanou. Your task is nenchat it not for a moment fall. The motion will then serve the arrow.

Tower Bloxx Deluxe 3D

Free game - Tower Bloxx Deluxe 3D
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In this game the moment you become a builder. But no ordinary, while you have to build big skyscrapers. At the beginning of the construction site and get to this point, gradually you will build high-rise buildings. But you must be careful that you build as closely as possible, otherwise your house…

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