Free game - Takeover
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Takeover is a strategy game in which you find yourself in the medieval world of fierce battles and powerful Witchcraft and Wizardry. In each round you start with one fortress that you will produce money with which you can buy new combat units. They will then serve to recharge every enemy stronghold.

The Illusionists Dream

Free game - The Illusionists Dream
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The Illusionists Dream is a amazing puzzle platform game in which you go through different levels with the powerful magician. He can take on any form of animal that he meets. This will enable him to overcome all obstacles and find the golden key to unlock the door leading it to the next level.

Wizard Walls

Free game - Wizard Walls
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Walls Wizard is an unusual game in which you control a powerful wizard who can conjure up a strong defensive shields. With the help of these shields you must in different levels protect yourself or your army and destroy the enemy with his own weapons.

Witch Power Practice

Free game - Witch Power Practice
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This game is inspired by the popular series Witch. Most graphics at its main characters. Legally one can be one of five witches choose and carry it through magic and destroy enemies. The more enemies within the time spell (space bar) hit, the more points you get.

Witches' Brew

Free game - Witches' Brew
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In this game you play a young witch who has the task to produce an elixir. To you it will be easier to have on hand a large lexicon potions. According to him, it is necessary to cook the potion. If you keep your ingredients and their quantities so after mixing the potion turns yellow and begins to…

Sue little witch

Free game - Sue little witch
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Sue is a little witch, and you just mix a potion to change form. Help her choose the right ingredients to make it happen again baby, cat, or princess. The selection of bottles, fruit, or animals of ingredients you will do just simple mouse control.

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