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Sift Renegade

Free game - Sift Renegade
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Take the main hero in the game Sift Renegade mafia headquarters and avenge the death of your brother, who was cruelly murdered by mafia clans. However, until you get to the actual boss, you have to first consult with a number of warriors who protect their seat properly.

Mad Karate Man

Free game - Mad Karate Man
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In this game you can put yourself in an aggressive karate, which runs through the streets and beats poor fellow. Your task is to strike the proper skin vystředlit their victims as possible. By gather points and increases your abilities and strength. The game is simple enough, but for the…

Mobs Down

Free game - Mobs Down
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The Mobs Down the street is getting a lot of enemies that you want left over. You have to beat to get to safety. Weapons can be obtained only from their enemies in a way that discharges them in the face of battle. Constantly but watch your back, the street fighting by the rules ...

Mafia Revenge

Free game - Mafia Revenge
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You adjutant Mafia boss, whom your eyes re killed. Now traveling on the path of revenge. Path of no return. Come to avenge his boss and friend.

Crazy Flasher

Free game - Crazy Flasher
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In this game you become a mercenary who will fight for money. At each level, because you have to destroy a lot of enemies and get it for financial reward, for that you can then buy weapons. For a lost battle but you have to pay on the contrary, or end the game.

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