Ice Age 2

Free game - Ice Age 2
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In this game you have to assemble the ice right at each other or side by side. The task is to give the cubes so that they are the same color next to each other when you put two identical cubes next to each other will disappear and points will be added. But be careful that you did not dice bad…

AlchemystScore game

Free game - Alchemyst
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This puzzle game has absolutely nothing to do with chemistry, so if you did not have chemistry at the school much like nothing happens. This game is very similar spojovačce. Your goal in this game is always to combine three or more glasses of chemistry together. Following the merger of these bottles…

We Are The Robots

Free game - We Are The Robots
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This game is such a modern Tetris. But do not stack blocks but robots. The only happiness is to have the same shape, but not the same color. To win the game you must have an empty field with robots. This will lead to robots that will consist of the same color to wear. The longer you play the game…

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