Free game - Jennifer Rose: Car Service
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There's a nice Jennifer Rose, who opened a car wash this time. Help her organize her most effective new business and earn as much money as possible. The money from satisfied customers can buy after every round various improvements such as new employees are needed who will help them work faster.…
Free game - Jennifer Rose: Cat Grooming
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Jennifer Rose this time decided to watch cats. To be successful in time to fulfill all their wishes feeding them, giving them the cat sand, play with them and cuddle. With one or two is not easy, but cats start to grow ... In addition, there's her boyfriend, which also requires attention and she has…
Free game - Farm Frenzy 3 American Pie
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Continuing the successful game farm. where the animals are growing and their products continue to process and sell. In this game you care to process the turkeys and their eggs. To further selling in the market, but be careful you must be careful because a lot of covert bears who would not like to…
Free game - Cursed Treasure Level Pack
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One other time Tower Defense games very well made. Your main task is to guard the diamonds that are stored in a cave. But of course these diamonds have someone interested. And your job is to guard them as possible. Thieves will go through the cave. You have to give way around the many watchtowers…

Battle Gear All Defence

Free game - Battle Gear All Defence
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In this game you will be tasked to defend their positions destroy the enemy. You will become general and the only task is to defend your position. For every killed soldier, you get the money from which you buy more troops. You have to buy better soldiers than the enemy. But in the end the strategy…
Free game - Farm Frenzy 3: Russian Roulette
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Another hilarious series of farming, this time there are growing ducks and collect their eggs. But, like every game it's not just that easy, all the time you need to watch out for bears. Since those would you be able to dispose of all ducks, and it would have had the investment.

Pursuit 2

Free game - Pursuit 2
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You have fled abroad with a car full of money. At that moment, began to chase you all the cops around. To have escaped and had money, you must destroy all units. At the beginning it will be easy but with the next level it will be worse and worse.

Youda Marina

Free game - Youda Marina
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Very hilarious game where you become the owner of a small resort. Your goal is to reach out to this resort as many people as possible. But what you have, so you have to build everything in this center possible. Mainly to have a port where tourists land. In addition, they will have to arrange some…

Trollface Launch

Free game - Trollface Launch
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Shoot the troll and try laughing with his head reach as far. For his performance, and you get points for you then you'll be able to buy a variety of improvements, such as the body, turbo dog ... to fly really far.

Truckster 2Score game

Free game - Truckster 2
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In this game you play on carrier material. Do you have an old truck and you have to convert the material to the site. But be careful all is not as easy as it looks. Truck not the best and shock either. And if we talk about the journey, so that is also in terrible condition. Definitely a terrible…

Janes Hotel Mania

Free game - Janes Hotel Mania
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This game is very easy hotel simulator. In this hotel you are a manager who would serve at the reception all customers. And thanks satisfied customers will have the money to develop other services to your hotel. But do not forget that the main task is to serve the most customers. So once you open…

Conquer Antartica

Free game - Conquer Antartica
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If you remember the legendary worms, so this game will definitely not disappoint. Although here in the beginning you do not have much features, but time to work through them. At the beginning you can tee it just snowballs collide, rival penguins into the water. But be careful the same thing can…

Potty Racers

Free game - Potty Racers
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This very funny relaxing game Potty Racers, you will enjoy your nice, albeit simple graphics. For here you have a mission to reach as far as really genuine in his vehicle. First of course you have to run as fast as possible and get down the hill so that your flight was the longest.

Big Mansion

Free game - Big Mansion
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Play for real estate broker. Skupujte for the cheapest price and then sell them for what the most expensive. First you need to start buying small houses, but for the time you get to buy even the larger ones. Do not sleep on our laurels because the business is still moving. Therefore it is better to…

Ashtons Family Resort

Free game - Ashtons Family Resort
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A young couple opened a mountain resort. But they need your help because it is a lot of tourists and still need something. Try to accommodate all the tourists who will need something. At the beginning will help you a little tutorial that you learn everything on the fly. So let's try how it is to…

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Free game - Happy Wheels
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