LadyBug Journey

Free game - LadyBug Journey
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In game The Ladybug Journey, you will take a bold Ladybird on a difficult path full of insidious and dangerous enemy. To survive, you need to avoid the bullets of your enemies and hit them before you lose a precious life. Do not forget along the way to collect bonuses that will add life and ammo.

Dibbles 2

Free game - Dibbles 2
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Second sequel of puzzle game Dibbles takes place in a country Christmas, but the principle of the game is the same as in the previous parts - safely transported to target ant king. This will often require the sacrifice of a few ant, because only through their allegiance to the king can ensure the…

Farm Frenzy 3 Ice Age

Free game - Farm Frenzy 3 Ice Age
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This game is one of several sequence and the company always managed to create a good game that everyone can take. This game will force you to have it donated. With each mastering tasks will open up new business opportunities. This game is an entrepreneur with penguins but do not worry your task is…

Extreme Snowboarding

Free game - Extreme Snowboarding
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Extreme Snowboarding is well prepared racing game in which your snowboarder must safely pass the full path and show in what many tricks. Based on your performance after each round you judge jury. If you do not have enough points, you will have to repeat the round.

Batman Versus Mr Freeze

Free game - Batman Versus Mr Freeze
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Batman once again protects the city against another villain. Since you play as Batman, so your task is very simple. Discard the villain, using bullets that you throw at him. Shoot straight up it up and press the up arrow. Otherwise, it is easy to control because they move with the arrows.

South Pole Agressor

Free game - South Pole Agressor
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Another hilarious type Tower defense game is here. This time you get into the role of penguins. Who struggle for life. Place the penguins around ways to kill all the units are the way they want to go through. Each penguin has other money and other things can. For each destroyed enemy unit get money…

Big Battle Tanks

Free game - Big Battle Tanks
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This game is very popular and certainly you are experiencing any similar. You start with your tank and against your opponent is in the tank. Well guess if you think that the opponent should be discarded. You'll have very good equipment, so do not worry that you do not succeed. The only thing you…

Agressive Alpine Skiing

Free game - Agressive Alpine Skiing
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Game Agressive Alpine Skiing will be your task to collect with skier on the slopes, the most points and goals to be successful. On the track, however, you will encounter many dangers in the form of mountain cabins or armed terrorists. To avoid all these dangers, you need to be really fast.

Peter the Penguin

Free game - Peter the Penguin
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Take the game Peter the Penguin with a little penguin on a long journey through the Antarctica and try to prevent global warming. But first you need to overcome the amount of dangerous obstacles in your way and all that could quickly destroy your expedition.

Knight Age Christmas

Free game - Knight Age Christmas
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Fight in fierce duels against a large number of enemies and become a real knight so great in game Knight Age Christmas. At the start of each duel you choose the speed at which your opponent to start and then just enough copies of the reports to target and destroy the so of your opponent.

Snowboarding Supreme 2

Free game - Snowboarding Supreme 2
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To cool in hot summer? Try to snowboard. Choose a character to go, depending on whether you put the emphasis on speed or jumps. Then you go the best ride to get as many points from the jury!

Conquer Antartica

Free game - Conquer Antartica
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If you remember the legendary worms, so this game will definitely not disappoint. Although here in the beginning you do not have much features, but time to work through them. At the beginning you can tee it just snowballs collide, rival penguins into the water. But be careful the same thing can…

Crazy Skates

Free game - Crazy Skates
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Come skate on the lake. Your guide will be none other than Fred Flintstone himself. Very easy to use and the speed of his movements but you must avoid all obstacles and holes in the ice. It is also good to collect dobrůdky that you (Fred) will give you energy and is so far away.

Ashtons Family Resort

Free game - Ashtons Family Resort
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A young couple opened a mountain resort. But they need your help because it is a lot of tourists and still need something. Try to accommodate all the tourists who will need something. At the beginning will help you a little tutorial that you learn everything on the fly. So let's try how it is to…

Bad Ice Cream

Free game - Bad Ice Cream
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Become a little ice cream, which collects at the north pole of the fruit to be even better. When you manage to collect everything, so not only get valuable points, but move to the next level. You have but to give very careful not to touch you evil monster. That would be because you melted it would…

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